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There are various entries which are found in the PSVita Top Rom 10 Games list.

The PlayStation Vita Top 10 Games list is actually organized by several gaming magazines and some loyal players worldwide. On the number 10 of the PlayStation Vita Top list is Kingdom Hearts, Birth by Sleep. This game is one of the best fast paced high density action game coming from its original series. The original game for Kingdom Hearts series, which is on the PlayStation 2 also debuted as one of the best games made the PS2 console. Due to the cool story lines and the awesome graphics, Kingdom Hearts has been one of the best entries in the PSVita Top list. Another game which has entered the PS Vita Top list is UFC undisputed. Also known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, this is actually a follow up of the 2009 version released in several consoles. Players commented on this game as one of the best fighting games around and because of its smooth moves and graphics, it definitely has its place on the PlayStation Vita Top 10 Games list.

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In terms of movements and strategy, no game can ever level with Tactics Ogre. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together has reached the PSVita Top 10 Games list because of its inspiring story, its World map system which records and retraces the action of players as well as the plot twists for various scenarios. This game would really release the tactic lover and the general in any player. In the 6th place, there is Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy. This game has reach the PS Vita Top list because of its cool graphics, it amazing story made by Square Enix and the number of moves that users can actually use. The biggest surprise in the PlayStation Vita Top qualifying is some of the players from the Final Fantasy series would actually be within the game and because of the addition of those players this game has reached the PSVita Top list.

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