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PSP GTA on PS VitaGrand Theft Auto: ChinaTown Wars also has a good position in the PS Vita Top list. The PlayStation Vita version is quite familiar to other Grand Theft Auto titles since players would still be able to enjoy wrecking havoc on some of the places within the game. The same scheme is still there, namely the player would still be able to use various types of weapons and a lot of cool moves, making this game a must in the PSVita . On the number 2 of the PS Vita Top list is the God of War: Chains of Olympus. This game is on the PlayStation Vita because of its cool graphics and because of only one person in the game, Kratos. He still has the moves which would really spin the heads of players while at the same time use his magical chains to still cling on the number 2 spot of the PSVita . Amazingly, Kratos is also one the number one spot of the PS Vita Top list with his game, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. This blood and gore filled rendition of the original PS2 version has a handful of extra modes and new weapons that would really leave any game lover into tears. These are just some of the games that have entered the PlayStation Vita Top 10 Games list. Some of them are listed on the PSVita because of the number of users who have voted them while others are because of their sales. An added game in the PSVita is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This game sold around 3 million in Japan and that is why it has been an added member of the PS Vita Top list.

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